Growth of Online Degree Programs in the Philippines

Online degree programs were first offered in the Philippines in the early 90's during which there was a recorded continuous growth in the number of state and private institutions in the country. Also during this period was when the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), one of the three government organizations handling the education system in the country, encouraged many educational institutions to offer distance learning programs. This move was triggered by the increasing population and rise of tertiary enrolments over the past years.

1990's - Rise of Open Universities

One of the well-recognized Higher Education Institution (HEI) offering online degree programs in the country is the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU), which was established in 1995. OPOU is the pioneer of open learning and distance education in the Philippines. Another prominent open university in the country is the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Open University (PUPOU). PUPOU began offering online degree courses in 1990. The Asian Institute for Distance Education (AIDE) is one of the only four government-recognized distance learning providers in the country offering full academic degrees. Other pioneers of online degree programs are the University of Santo Tomas (UST), Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) through the e-Learning Access Program, and Dela Salle University (DLSU). The online programs offered by these online universities include undergraduate programs, graduate certificate programs, post-baccalaureate programs, masters program, and doctoral programs.

2000's - Technological Advancements in HEIs

The eLearning market starts to emerge in the Philippines in the early 2000's. However, the online courses offered by that time are limited only to certificate and vocational training. The government agency that helps facilitate these online programs is the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA). Today, TESDA is offering various online courses in the fields of IT, Tourism, Electronics, Automotive, HVAC, and Agriculture under the so-called Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). Although these programs only provide Diploma and Certificate courses, TESDA has ladderization programs from these courses to the degree courses.

At the turn of the millennium, internet technology starts to gain momentum in the education system of the Philippines. This technological milestone gives way to the emergence of more public and private HEIs offering online courses. According to a study, the number of internet users increased by about 291% during the period of 2000-2006, which is equivalent to 7.82 million people. According to Philippines ICT Statistics Portal, the mobile phone subscription was more than doubled from 2006 to 2011 and the fixed broadband subscription was more than quadrupled within the same time frame. According to, various public and private websites have also surfaced to provide online programs and services to students in the higher education. Among of these institutions are the Advanced Science and Technology Institute, Kodiko Online,, Education for Life Foundation,, FAPENET, Gurong Pahinugod, and

2010's - High Economic Growth Impacts Higher Education Programs

According to Business World Online, there are nearly 2,300 HEIs in the Philippines and 1,259 of them were offering business degrees in 2012. According to CHED, tertiary enrolment reached 3.3 million in the same year. Based on, there are lots of postgraduate courses in the Philippines that can be taken online from various public and private HEIs today. These are online courses in education, management and public administration, agriculture, media and communication, health and allied sciences, computer studies, business, and architecture and engineering.

The Expanded Tertiary Education Equivalency and Accreditation Program (ETEEAP) can be considered as one of the major breakthroughs in improving the offerings of online degree programs in the Philippines. Under this program, students aiming for bachelor's degree can complete their studies in about a year or so and they also have the option to take the program online from the accredited online colleges and universities.

Fueled by the growing economy, more and more HEIs are offering online degree courses to both Filipino and international students across the country today. And with education programs offered by TESDA and CHED, it is expected that online degree programs in the country will continue to experience more growth in the coming years.

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University Courses, Online Degree Programs and Education For Seniors

Senior citizens today are far more active than ever before. They are doing all those things that had to be put on hold to raise and provide for their families, including going back to college. With a number of options to choose from, like online college programs, community colleges or four-year college or university courses, senior citizens are reliving their youth as well as enriching their lives with education.

It is heartening to see a number of colleges in the United States where the college crowd is not limited to youngsters alone. And contrary to popular belief, senior citizens attending college along with younger people do not feel out of place at all! In fact, most elderly students on campus are very popular, and the younger lot likes listening to their life stories and shares a healthy rapport with them. Of course this completely depends on the senior citizen's attitude and willingness to be a team player. Since most teachers and administrators on campus are almost of the same age, older students hardly feel as if they do not belong.

For those who are not willing to face the rigors of going to class everyday or are not fit enough to do so, there are a number of courses offered online. Some also offer what are known telecourses. Classes offered online are as well designed as physical ones, with all possible kinds of support, like study material, online tutors, exchange forums and help with assignments. While the student has to live without the benefit of personal interaction with his fellow students and teachers, he has the advantage of studying at his own pace.

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Online Criminal Justice Degree Programs

Enrolling in an online criminal justice degree program can get you started in a career that is exciting and meaningful.

Criminal Justice Careers

The criminal justice field offers a wide variety of careers- from local level law enforcement to State and Federal agencies and private sector law enforcement. A career in law enforcement will allow you to make a difference whether you are a youth probation officer or an FBI agent.

One of the things that attract people to online criminal justice programs is their desire to help people. Often criminal justice is a second career for those who have found their first career to be unsatisfying. Entering the criminal justice field is an important step. An online degree program in criminal justice can get you there.

Some of the more common criminal justice occupations are described in short below. The usual educational requirements needed for each job is listed. For further information you may want to refer to the U.S. Department of Labor website and check out the Occupational Outlook Handbook for specific jobs.

Corrections Officer- Corrections officers work in jails, penitentiaries, and prisons with persons convicted of crimes or who have been arrested and are awaiting trial. Most work in State and Federal facilities with inmates. Prison workers in most State and all Federal prisons must attend college (States 2-4 years, Federal 4 years) and have previous related job experience to be considered for employment. Localities may or may not require any college. There are many criminal justice degree programs online.

Crime Scene Investigator- A crime scene investigator gathers and analyzes evidence at crime scenes. They must be trained in investigative procedures including finding, handling and preserving crime evidence. Some investigators are trained in forensic science and some are sworn police officers. Most crime scene investigators are graduates of 4 year criminal justice programs. There are also associates degree programs. Both are offered online.

ATF Agent- An Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Special Agent works for the Federal agency ATF to investigate criminal violations relating to explosives, firearms, arson, alcohol and tobacco. These agents are also involved in preventing and fighting terrorism and investigate unexplained explosions and bombings. Qualifications are very stringent regarding physical and mental fitness and character. There are several grades of special agents, requiring from 4 years of college at the least to a masters degree. Previous investigative experience is also required.

Court Reporter- Court reporters are responsible for the word for word transcript of court and other legal proceedings. There are several accepted means of recording, each which require specialized training. Education required is 1 to 2 years, depending on recording method. Court reporters must have attended programs that have been approved by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA). There are several online programs approved by the NCRA.

Probation Officer- A probation officer and the related occupation parole officer supervise and monitor the activities of offenders who have been placed on probation or parole. Both work with offenders to create probation or post release plans and then evaluate their progress. Both have the goal of rehabilitating an offender and returning the offender to society. Probation and parole officers need a 4-year college degree at the minimum. There are online programs that will fulfill this requirement.

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What Are the Schools With Online Degree Programs

Interested to know what are the schools with online degree programs? Are you thinking of earning a degree online?

Now that you have decided to earn a degree, an online one as a matter of fact, you will need to know what schools offer these online degrees. To get a listing of online colleges, you just have to type in the keyword in the search engine of your browser and then you will have a list of different schools that offer online degrees.

That does not stop there though you can go in the websites of the top colleges and universities to check if they offer online courses. As online schools are gaining popularity, the tops traditional schools and universities are now offering online courses.

If you already have an online college in mind that you want to enroll at, it is imperative that you check out the credentials of the prospective online college that you have set your heart on. Make sure that they follow the standards set by the accrediting agency.

There are a lot of online colleges offering online degree programs, only a few are accredited. You must thoroughly check if the online college you want to enroll in is truly accredited. After all it will be your name, money and efforts that will be at stake here.

It will be such a waste to find out in the end that the online college you choose to register with is a false one. Such a disappointment that you will find this out and then you knew that you could have avoided it because information about accredited online colleges is very public.

Start with an online degree program today. Boost your career and have a better life. Finding out what schools offer online courses have never been this easy.

Thirsting for more information about what are the schools with online degree programs?

Access a proven method to improve your career opportunities the easy way. You're invited to benefit from help to find the right online degrees and career education. I've recently opened up free access to the highly sought after resources AS SEEN ON CareerEducation

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Online Degree Tips - Your Guide To Online Degree Programs

Is an Online Business Degree Right for You?

Deciding if an online business degree is right for you is an easy task. With the wide selection of programs, flexibility and personalized formatting, an online business degree is a great choice for any one new to the business world or those that are very experienced but looking to learn more.

These degrees can be obtained in many fields of business, for examples, accounting, general business, leadership and marketing. Many colleges offer these business degree, but three well know, accredited online colleges are Ashworth College, Kaplan University and Walden University.

To decide which online business degree is right for you, it is best to decide what your career goals are or what your current job calls for. For instance, if you want to start your own small business, then a degree in marketing may be your best bet. But, if you are currently a manager at your place of business then a leadership degree may get you the skills you need to get a promotion and a raise in your current career.

Other individuals may pursue an online business degree in order to change careers. Many nurses, teachers and other non-business career holders seek online degrees while working at their regular job.

Applying is easy. All you need is a high school diploma or G.E.D and a wilingness to learn. Depending on your previous college experience and work history, you may be able to obtain your business degree in as little as six months.

Before deciding on a university that you are interested in, make sure that they are accredited and the staff has extensive experience in the field that you are interested in.

Once you have decided to enroll, getting started is easy. Most colleges offer year round enrollment so that individuals can get started on their studies right away. After enrolling, most online programs make the coursework available for immediate download so that you can start that very day itself.

What are the Advantages to Completing an Online Bachelors Degree?
An online bachelors degree is a four-year college degree that an individual completes and earns through the Internet. The biggest benefit of an online bachelors degree is that it usually takes less time to complete.

Most individuals can complete their online bachelors degree in as little as three years. If you have prior college credits to transfer or relevant work history to consider, then you can complete your degree in as little as six months.

Another benefit to completing an online bachelors degree is that the course work is extremely flexible. Classes can be taken any time throughout the day and you never have to leave your house. All course work is completed via the Internet either through downloadable lessons or virtual class times.

The average online bachelors degree program requires at least twenty hours of course work a week. But since the course are completed online, individuals can work faster or slower, depending on their schedule, as long as the course is completed within the allowed time frame.

The standard time frame for the course work of an online bachelors degree is one class every five weeks. This schedule allows a student to concentrate solely on one class or module at a time ensuring that they learn all of the information presented in that session. This is an advantage over traditional four year colleges because with an online program you can devote your time to each session without being distracted by other classes and information.

Tuition payment is also easier with an online program. Online degree programs qualify for the same tuition assistance that on-site programs do. Therefore, individuals can apply for student loans, payment plans and employer reimbursement programs. Plus, some online colleges allow the student to pay as they go, cutting down on upfront college costs.

Earning an online bachelors degree is a perfect way for individuals that are currently employed full time to further their careers. By studying online, individuals can keep their regular job and still earn a degree in record time.

To qualify for enrollment, you are only required to have a high school diploma or G.E.D. Since no prior college education is required, online degrees are also the perfect choice for someone that must work full time to pay for.

If you are contemplating earning your bachelors degree, then an online bachelors degree program is definitely worth researching.

Why You Should Choose an Accredited Online Degree

An accredited online degree is a college degree that is received through Internet studies offered by an accredited college. This means that the school or university that is offering the degree has been approved by a national or state board of education.

In order to offer an accredited online degree a college must offer its course work and lesson requirements to the board of education for approval. The board will then go through that course work and make sure that it adheres to the industry standards for completion.

When contemplating completing any type of degree over the Internet it is best to do so with an accredited online degree provider. Accredited degrees are more reputable and the credits transfer to other schools should you ever decide to further your education again.

Online degrees can come in many forms. You can earn an associate's degree, bachelors or masters degree or even a course completion certification diploma.

To earn a masters accredited degree online, you must first possess a bachelors degree from a regular or online college.

To earn a bachelors accredited online degree, you need to have at least a high school diploma or G.E.D.

With both degrees, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to complete by having prior college credits or related work experience.

It usually takes about three years to complete an accredited online degree. This time frame is based on a curriculum of at least twenty hours of course work a week. Some degrees, like a specialized law degree, can take up to four years to complete.

By choosing an accredited online degree program as opposed to a regular degree program, you are choosing a degree of a higher standard. With an accredited degree, there will be more choices opened up to you and more occasions for advancement.

What are Accredited Online Degree Programs?

Accredited online degree programs are college programs that are offered over the Internet by certified schools and universities. Accredited online degree programs are tested and approved by state or national education review boards.

There are many different types being offered on the Internet. These programs include degrees in many different fields such as accounting, law, business management and healthcare.

A few well-known schools that offer accredited online degree programs are Phoenix University, Concord Law School and Pierce University. Accredited online degree programs usually offer a completely off-site program, meaning that the student can access everything they will need to earn a degree from the comfort of their own home.

Also, these online degree programs usually offer downloadable lessons that can be accessed and completed at any time during the day or night. However, some programs do require the attendance of virtual meetings or classes that are put on at certain times throughout the day via the Internet.

To find out which degree program is right for you, you first need to choose a field of education that interests you. After defining your field of interest, seek out a school that specializes in that field.

Accredited online degree programs are very useful for those individuals seeking to further their education while continuing full-time at their present job. Some even offer credits for work already completed in the same field as the sought after degree. These credits are usually based on work or life experience. Also, some programs accept credits from other colleges.

Applying prior credits toward accredited online degree programs will help to shorten the length of time required to receive your new bachelor's or master's degree. While some programs can take up to four years to complete, prior credits can reduce your education time by up to two years.

How to Get Your Bachelors Degree Online

Getting a bachelors degree online can be a fast and easy way to further your career. But before you enroll, there are a few important things you need to know.

First, you'll want to make sure that the college that offers the online degree is accredited. School and universities are accredited on a state or national level. This accreditation means that a board of education has researched and approved the schools curriculum and course work.

Next, you will want to make sure that the school is highly recognized and that the bachelors degree is transferable. This helps because someday you may want to further your education by completing your masters degree and you will need to be able to transfer your bachelors credits.

Prerequisite to getting a bachelors degree from any university, you must first have at least a high school diploma or a G.E.D. It also helps to have some college or previous work experience under your belt. If you have previous college credits, then they can be applied toward your bachelors degree program and shorten the length of time that you will need to be enrolled in school.

Without previous college credits, most bachelors degree online programs take up to three years to complete. This time frame is based on an individual that takes at least twenty hours of course work a week. With prior college credits, or by spending more time on course work each week, some individuals can complete their bachelors degree online program in as little as one year.

To decide which college or university to enroll with, it is best to decide what type of degree program you need. Many colleges offer these programs but some specialize in different fields. For example, a person who wants a bachelors degree in business night want to go with Ashworth College, while a person that wants an education degree would want to go with Penn State University.

Once you have chosen a bachelors degree online program, you need to research its class schedule. Many online programs allow you to download the course work and complete it on your own schedule, but some programs require that you log on to the Internet for virtual class sessions a few times a week at a designated time.

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10 Online College Degrees Requiring the Least Amount of Homework

If you are working and need to pursue an online college degree, you definitely would need to manage your time better. Homework is a part of every course and can add to the burden of a busy schedule. Let see which online degrees require the least amount of homework.


This interesting and easy to complete an online degree course requires the least amount of homework, giving you the time to manage work and study. Many Dietician degree courses offer small lessons that can be downloaded on your personal computer and you can go through it according to your convenience.


If you have always been interested in beauty and styling, online college degree in cosmetology can make your dreams come true. Once you manage to earn a reputed Cosmetology degree in cosmetology, you will get a competitive edge in this field. In this online course, you can have the flexibility to make your own schedules. The salon hours can be accumulated and used to learn at night on the Internet.

Child Day Care

A quality online college program in child day care can easily help you start a full service pre-school, play group or even a small home based child care center. Such Child Day Care degrees allow you learn about the growth and behavior patterns of children, ways of nurturing, educational games and activities. Learning material is offered in parts that you can download.

Jewelry Design

An online college degree in this field is the ideal approach towards learning the basics of jeweler's machines and tools and how to make and repair jewelry. You can also opt for online lessons in casting, setting and designing.

Bridal Consultant

A reputed online bridal consultant degree course will teach you everything from managing the wedding date to the entire co-ordination of the ceremony. You can manage your own schedule and without much homework, learn the techniques of this profession within the comfort of your house through an online college degree program.


You can easily learn the theoretical course including topics like food, hygiene and safety on the Internet. Whenever you get time, you can attend practical class work to get cooking skills. This online degree is quite useful when you want to get a degree as a chef and enhance your career growth.


You can easily obtain quality an online college program in this field with a scientific approach. You can manage your schedule and learn everything about wellness, digestive system, diet planning and so on.

Travel Specialist

An online tourism and travel degree will not only provide you schedule flexibility but it will also help you prepare for a bright career. Your online Travel Specialist degree program will also prepare you for using the computer to research travel destinations and packages.

Fitness Specialist

Obtaining a degree online as a fitness specialist can help you kick start a promising career. Such online Fitness Specialist degree courses will teach you about the techniques used by fitness experts to stay in shape and keep others fit too.

Pet Groomer

An online college degree in pet grooming can give a career you always dreamed of. As per your convenience you can use various online lessons and aids to learn the basics of pet grooming.

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Accelerated Online Degree Programs - The Fastest Way To Get Your Degree

"Technology can be powerful and should be used in a good way." With the advent of technology these days some things can now be done is a quicker and convenient way. Even obtaining a degree can now be done in just a matter of a few years. Imagine being able to complete your nursing degree in just 2 years...this is possible with online degree program. You do not have to spend 4 years in college rather you can spend a certain number of hours per day doing your study at the comfort of your home.

Accelerated college programs provide students the opportunity to study and work simultaneously. This is very beneficial especially to individuals who have to work hard in order to support their studies. Another benefit of enrolling in an accelerated online degree program is that one can choose any school or program course wherever you may be located. Imagine being able to enroll to a prestigious online degree program offered by a school in London. Distance is never a problem with regards to online college degrees.

Long ago accelerated programs were only offered in universities or colleges but nowadays one can now study even at the comfort of his home or in his office. One of the things that made accelerated online degree programs become popular is the fact that a degree can be successfully obtained within a certain time frame that is quicker than taking it in a conventional way. However, if you plan to take an online degree program you have to be sure that your mindset is focused in achieving your educational goals. There are many students who fail to obtain their diploma in accelerated online programs simply because they lack self-discipline. Students who are too relaxed in their studies will never succeed in distance learning.

When deciding which school or which online program to take it is necessary that you conduct a thorough research in order to know if the online program is accredited or not. Also, it is necessary that you do a comparison between 2-4 schools in order to check the cost of the program. Some programs may be a bit more expensive compared to the others.

If you are working either full-time or part-time then online accelerated program is definitely perfect for you. Distance learning allows students to study according to their schedule, budget and time frame. On the other hand, enrolling as a full-time student would help you obtain your diploma in a quick manner.

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7 Steps to Online College Courses - What to Do, and When to Do It

Are you seriously thinking about going back to school? Earning a degree through online college courses is indeed a great way to earn you degree without quitting your job or going leaving the comfort of your home and or office in order to get a good education.

Here are 7 steps to college courses online:

1. You will have tons of college courses to choose from, so do some research and figure out which college program will be the best one for you. It is important that you choose the course that is best suited for you before you agree to signup for the course. There are many websites that offer free information on online based courses - take advantage of these websites.
2. Find out how the online college courses are set up and how you will be required to study. One of the best ways to be successful as an online college student is to find a course that interests you; this way, you will not see studying as a real chore.
3. Make sure that the online college you choose is an accredited one, then signup for the college course of your choice.
4. Make sure you check if the courses will be transferable to another college - this is a MUST! Just in case you have chosen a school that is not accredited, your money and your precious time will not be wasted.
5. You will discover that online colleges usually leave the pacing all up to you - although you may have a general schedule that you will need to keep. Don't worry, the online college courses provide you with plenty of time to carryout other responsibilities that you may have. That means if you have a job and or family, you will not get stuck with studying every night, even if you had a terrible day. Just make sure that you come up with a schedule that will not make you take forever to complete your course of study.
6. Get a reliable internet service connection - this is important for courses that require you to receive lectures via webcam.

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Online College Degree Program - Why Opt For One?

As this millennium's computer age progresses, more and more people the world over continue to turn to computers and digital media for work, communication, socialization, and fun. Education is no exception. An online college degree program is an excellent way to obtain a degree in a wide range of possible areas of study, as well as the various levels of study including Bachelors, Masters and even PhD programs. An online college degree program has many benefits.

One of the benefits of an online program is that it is often more cost efficient. Many programs are cheaper than traditional college programs in terms of tuition fees. Also, because the courses are conducted and completed over the Internet, you do not have to worry about other expenses that are often associated with college, such as relocation to or in proximity of a college's campus.

Another advantage is that many of the available programs are offered by accredited institutions, some of which are entirely online, and others are traditional colleges or universities that also have an online school that offers distance education programs. Such programs often allow for flexibility in terms of course load as well as time, as the classes or lectures can be listened to during a time that is convenient for the student.

One may think that these types of programs do not allow for interaction between the student and professors, as well as interaction amongst students, but this is not true, as many of the courses require coursework and participation through forums as well as group work. Also, many people may think that such programs may not be challenging enough or may be dull, but with the advancement in technology and online communications, there is plenty of variety including online tests and interactive exercises.

These programs are ideal for anyone who is interested in acquiring a degree but who also has other time commitments such as work or children. It is also a good option to consider for people who would like to enhance their skills and education for professional advancement, or those who are interested in changing career paths.

However, an online program is also a good option for students who have recently completed high school and students who are typically college aged, as the programs have come a long way and many people prefer and enjoy the advantages that come with opting for an online college degree program.

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